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Looking for Trouble

A few weeks ago, doing some deliveries around the local area I spotted a potential spot for photographing hares. I managed to take a few shots because I had a camera on my passenger seat, then thought I had better get on with my essential travel. Headed straight back there this morning and at one point was watching a total of nine hares!

I'm not quite sure why this field is so fascinating, it appears to be seedling carrot or parsnip, and there isn't an obvious amount of food. However, the sheep field next door has plenty of grass, so maybe they are grazing there and the large arable field has other attractions. At any rate it is easy to spot them on the open ground, Hares have a tendency to vanish once crops grow up.

The photo above was taken just up the road and I don't think we will be seeing them on those wheat fields for much longer!

This little guy appeared quite close to me, and proceeded to hassle and annoy every other hare on the field. The big guy who was originally on the other side of the fence was especially intrigued, and spent some time trying to work out how to get through the stock fence to join in.

Once on the same side they just ran around together a bit, obviously just wanted a look!

A great morning for the first day's photography out of lock down, looking forward to popping over there again.

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