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The Hippo Manoeuvre

Yes I know he isn't a hippo-let me explain!

Working from a hide in Africa a few years ago I perfected a ruse that seems to work so far. Wait until the animal is otherwise occupied, move, get the shot when it looks up whilst staying completely still, wait until it goes back to eating, is submerged or distracted, then move away quietly.

So I figured if it has worked so far with (possibly) the world's most dangerous land mammal the Hippo, it ought to be an ok tactic with a stag.

This guy was eating below the curve of a hill and had no legs from where I was sitting in the car. I waited until he looked down for another mouthful, stood up, got this shot, he looked a bit puzzled then went back to eating, I got back in.

He now has legs and no animals were disturbed in the making of this image! :-)

Red Stag, Laggan Scottish Highlands January

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